I try and keep it pretty informal and laid back, I'm not one for setting up or staging moments, I just let events unfold naturally and I capture it as I see it. I might ask you to walk so that I can get some moving shots, but that will be the extent of my input. Other than that, you probably won't really hear from me. I try and blend in, staying in the background, trying to catch people at their most relaxed.

I'm not a big fan of carrying around a lot of gear, so I try and travel as light as possible, using small, unobtrusive equipment, avoiding the use of tripods outside of the ceremony and speeches, opting for a more hand-heldy look. I feel shooting hand-held offers a more candid perspective, it feels more natural, like you're capturing something real. Something that's just happened spontaneously, off-the-cuff, something that has never happened before and will never happen again, which I feel fits a wedding perfectly.


Hello, my name is Colin and I like to film things. 

I've been interested in film, both making and watching, since I was quite young. My tastes tend to lean towards the more obscure ends of the cinematic spectrum, which has definitely informed the way that I film weddings!

I don't really speak much, I'm relatively reserved, which is why I opt to shoot the way that I do; more hands-off, as I don't really like to get involved. I just document. 


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